Taking Power Back

 Need To Know III : NOVA is going to be released from me direct-to-consumer only. Not on Apple Music or any of that. I’m cutting out the middle man and taking some of the power back from the corporations.  When we rely ONLY on streaming to get our music, those sites can take away our music at ANY time without warning. Apple Music still does this to some of our albums as I type this and it angers me. If you have Apple Music and seen some of your songs greyed out in your library or "unavailable" now that were there at first then you know what I'm talking about.

Remember when we used to be able to burn cds to keep and download music files to our personal library? I'm giving you the option to stream and/or download this album as well so its forever yours. The album will be bundled with merchandise under the "Album + Merch Bundle" tab. If you have questions on how to access your files once you download them, just email me and I'll help out. 


There would still be artists releasing content and listeners wanting music without streaming sites but those greedy streaming sites would perish without our content and monthly payments. 

I’m not rich and I have no major label money backing me, all this material I put out is from my energy and love for it. I'll be rewarding my loyal listeners with something exclusive. There’ll be some rare merchandise and other perks paired with this drop too. There is a form under the "Free Tickets! Free Merch!" tab where you can tell me your thoughts about it.



I'm going to let you in on some ugly truths about the music industry you may not already know unless you're an artist.

  • Apple Music pays artists $0.00735 per stream for a song. Artists on Apple Music would need around 200,272 plays on one song to earn near the US monthly minimum wage amount which is approximately $1,472.  
  • Spotify's per-stream payouts are at $0.00437. At $0.00473 per play, artists will need around 336,842 total plays to earn $1,472. 
  • YouTube pays artists $0.00069 per view. To earn the monthly minimum wage amount in the US, artists will need around 2,133,333 total plays on YouTube. 

Can you imagine having to wait until 200,000 or 300,000 and in some cases over 2 million people clicked on your art before you could make minimum wage? Thats what we as independent artists deal with on a daily basis.  

I could go on for hours with any number of streaming sites but I'll only touch on those three I named above for the sake of time. All of this information above can be confirmed by doing some light research online or simply asking one of your artist friends how difficult it is to make a living on streaming revenue alone.  

Thank you for your continued support. I'm grateful. 


- Xavier Holliday